Classroom Internet Links

Integrated Studies Survey


Gettysburg Map
Cat Breeds

Spelling City
Mrs. Rupnow's Class
Mrs. Lengyel's Class
Ms. Jacobson's Class
Gettysburg Map

Literary Essay Unit

Panyee Football Club

Unit 4 - Fantasy Unit

Pre Assessment - The Girl and the Fox
Post Assessment - Runaway

Unit 3 - Argument and Advocacy Unit

Underwater Exploration or Outer Space Exploration
Space Exploration and Travel
What was the Apollo Program?
50 Years in Space
Why Explore Space?
Space Exploration

Protect Humans from Sharks or Sharks from Humans?
Infographic about Sharks
Sharks: Killers or Just Misunderstood
Food Web Woes
Tourists Wary of Shark Attacks
Great White Shark
Killer Sharks
Shark Attacks on the Rise

Plastic Bags
Bag Ban Debate
Learn the Facts
Bagging Plastic
Floating Junkyard
Myths vs Facts
Plastic Bags and the Environment
Toronto Bans Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic Water Bottles
Advantages of Bottled Water

Mount Everest
Interview with Sir Edmund Hillary
Why do people keep climbing it?
Anniversary at Everest

​Extreme Sports
Extreme Sports Facts
Skate Safety

Support or Boycott Zoos
What Zoos Do
Public Benefits of Zoos
Zoos Inhumane?
The Modern Zoo
5 Reasons You Should Boycott the Zoo

 Writing Research - Western Expansion

Epic Books for Kids

- enter code listed on the poster
- go to your name and click on it
- Go to your mailbox and click on Westward Expansion

The Oregon Trail
Social Studies for Kids
Kids Kiddle
American Historama
Mr. Donn
Trail Map
Death on the Trail
Children on the Trail

Covered Wagons
Oregon Pioneers
Oregon Trail Center
Video about wagons
Frequently Asked Questions about Covered Wagons
What Pioneers Brought in Wagons

Transcontinental Railroad
American Historama
Mr. Donn
Social Studies for Kids
Charlie Brown Explains Transcontinental Railroad

The Pony Express
The National Park Service
The National Park Service (Map)
History Today
National Pony Express Association 
Eyewitness History
Smithsonian Magazine
Postal Museum (General) 
Postal Museum

The Corps of Discovery
PBS (The Corps) 
PBS (Equipment)
National Park Service 
National Park Service (The Journey) 
Legends of America
National Archives (primary sources) 

Native Americans
Docs Teach (Primary Sources: Advertisement) 
Encyclopedia Britannica (Indian Removal Act)
Cherokee Nation (Indian Removal Act)
National Geographic (Indian Removal Act) 
Encyclopedia Britannica (Trail of Tears)

Lewis and Clark
Pebble Go
Brain Pop
Go Groiler: William Clark
Go Groiler: Meriwether Lewis
Ducksters: Thomas Jefferson

Pebble Go
Go Groiler

The Gold Rush

Brain Pop
Go Groiler California Gold Rush
Go Groiler Gold Rushes

SOAR Activities


Pixar Movies

For the Birds
One Man Band
Pigeon: Impossible
Partly Cloudy

Math Madness


Bridges Math - UNIT 1: Expressions, Equations & Volume

Factorize Activity

Times Square Game

Volume of a Rectangular Prism Activity

Factor Dazzle Game

Factor Game

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